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Yule Be Rockin'

A streaming music app of the most painstakingly curated Christmas playlist

techReact JS, Node, Webpack, s3, Howler JS, Web Audio API

A ground-up rebuild in a modern JS stack for new brand launch

techReact JS, Flux, Node, Express, Webpack

teamSam Budd Brian Thiel Alex Coven

Upshot Bold Ideas

An internal app for voting on the best agency ideas and awarding cash prizes

techNode, Meteor JS, LDAP

teamBrian Thiel


platform migration from Wordpress to a custom Squarespace theme

techNode, Express, Squarespace Theme Development

teamAthens Chen

Web-App style site on a static site budget

techs3 Web Hosting, Client-Side Routing, Handlebars, Grunt

teamAlyssa Gauger

GAFW Panorama Prototype

Prototype "stitched" panorama with WebGL Barrel distortion and hotspot animations

techGLSL, Three.JS, GSAP, Google App Engine

teamDarren Angle

Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

A lush Sirk melodrama infused with the paranoia of Philip K Dick

statePre-Production, Shooting 2017

teamJohnathon Olsen Kurt Raether

The Kingdom of Ends

A study of the politically motivated murders by abolitionist John Brown

stateon hold, screenplay finished

teamJohnathon Olsen